After Death Ghost Pepper Gourmet Salsa – Hot




You get the heat of the Ghost pepper with amazing salsa flavor. We tested this one many times until we got it just right. Heat seeker tested and approved.  It contains  10 different kinds of peppers for the perfect balance of flavor and heat.  Like the hot stuff?  Look no further!  This is a best seller.
Like all of our products it is all natural with no preservatives.  Because we start with all fresh ingredients and process fresh this salsa stays good for a long time in the refrigerator after opening, and is good on more than just chips. It is great on Steak, chops and chicken. Skip the ketchup on your eggs, use this!  It is rich and thick and hot enough to please the heat seeker.  First you get the flavor then the Ghost sneeks up on you for that pleasing burn!


  1. Jennifer kilgore

    Love the kick in heat. It will sneak up on you then punch with a slow burn! It’s there and good!

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